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FOR Thursday 2/3, Fedex has informed us that shipping will be severely impacted. Please take this into consideration when placing your orders for Vapor Pin products.

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Association of Vapor Intrusion Professionals (AVIP)

Launching of the Association of Vapor Intrusion Professionals (AVIP)

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European Patent

European Patent - 16888475.7 - 1001 / 3408642 has been granted!

Europe Patent

Patent Information

Vapor Pin do Brasil Protection of Intellectual Property Assets

Clean Environment has agreed to permanently discontinue all manufacturing, marketing and sales of the Vapor Clean product, effective as from March 15, 2021.

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The VAPOR PIN® sampling device is made in the USA and is protected by US Patent # 8,220,347 B2, US 9,291,531 B2, BR 11 2018 004186-6, EU 16888475.7.

Following its introduction in 2011, Vapor Pin® has become the global standard for vapour intrusion investigations, mitigation testing, source characterisation, active soil gas sampling, long-term monitoring and pressure testing.

Reduces sampling time by allowing the collection of more samples for less cost, providing a better understanding of room conditions.

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