2023 September Newsletter


Our newest product, collabrations and service!


What’s our Newest Product?

We’re proud to announce the Vapor Pin® Capsule !

The Vapor Pin® Capsule was developed to house the Waterloo Membrane Sampler™ – Vapor Pin® (WMS™-VP) produced by SiREM. The WMS™-VP, a passive permeation sampler, will allow you to quantitatively measure time-weighted average concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in soil gas.

Collaboration with

SiREM and Eurofins Environment Testing Northern California

Introducing the New Quantitative Sub-Slab Passive Sampler with WMS™ and the Vapor Pin® Sampling Device. As a leader in passive sampling technology, SiREM is excited to introduce the Waterloo Membrane Sampler™ – Vapor Pin® (WMS TM -VP), a new WMS™ configuration developed in collaboration with Vapor Pin Enterprises, Inc., in Plain City, Ohio and Eurofins Environment Testing Northern California that brings together the best of two advanced technologies for sub-slab sampling.

The WMS TM -VP advantage:

  • Simple and rapid sampling protocols
  • Seamlessly switch between active and passive sampling at your site
  • Screen large areas
  • Time weighted average concentrations (minimizing temporal variability)
  • Take pressure readings with the Vapor Pin® Sampling Device while the WMS-VP is installed.
  • Eliminates the potential of interference from Ambient air and ensures that sub-slab soil gas does not intrude the indoor air space through the sampling port.

The WMS TM -VP advantage for sub-slab sampling include:

  • The hydrophobic PDMS membrane is waterproof and protects the sorbent from water saturation
  • Reduced uptake rates (URs) prevent sampler “starvation”, allowing for quantitative VOC concentration determination
  • URs have been determined for a wide range of compounds and are predictable for many more.

To learn more click the link below to watch the webinar.

The Best of Both Worlds: Quantitative Sub-Slab Passive Sampling with WMS™ and Vapor Pin – SiREM (siremlab.com)


Collaboration with

VSOL Group

We are happy to announce the establishment of an international collaboration between VSOL GROUP® and Vapor Pin Enterprises, Inc., combining the application of Vsol HybridSS® and Vapor Pin® Sampling Device. Add this newest tool to your vapor intrusion investigation toolbox.


What’s Our Newest Service?

We’re proud to announce the recent updates we have made to our website!

  • We now have a live chat feature!
  • Feel free to use the hyper-link above or the button below to navigate to our website and give it a try!
  • You’ll receive a coupon for 5% off your entire cart if you send Kyle Chilcote an instant message before September 30, 2023, through the live chat feature, that a contains a sharable testimonial about any of our products.