2024 February Newsletter


Exciting Developments in Site Characterization! 

Transform your vapor intrusion assessments with Waterloo Membrane Sampler Vapor Pin (WMS-VP®) The leading quantitative passive sub-slab air sampler for resolving temporal variability concerns. The only passive air sampler to offer a widely accepted sub-slab leak check procedure from Vapor Pin Enterprises, Inc..

The WMS-VP provides:

  • Time-weighted average concentration measurements
  • Versatility – Switch between active and passive
  • ability to take pressure readings while the WMS-VP is installed; and,
  • Eliminates the potential for ambient air interference.

Order the Vapor Pin® Capsule, as shown below from Vaporpin.com, and order the WMS-VP from Eurofins Air Toxics.


Hybrid SS® tubes seamlessly interface with Vapor Pin® sampling devices. These tubes boast a sorbent material that captures volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at parts per million (ppm) levels or achieves exceptionally low detection limits, making them versatile and adaptable for complex sites. Whether you use the included syringe/check valve system or sampling pump. Check out the VSOL Hybrid Kit today at the links below and see how it can improve your sampling process.

For any questions on the Hybrid SS® tubes – Kelly Horiuchi with the VSOL Group.


Now available on VaporPin.com!


VSOL Hybrid Kit


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Vapor Pin® Capsule


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Mini Vapor Pin® Sampling Device – Stainless Steel


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Teflon Tubing – 10 feet


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