2024 March Newsletter


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Vapor Intrusion Solutions Found HERE!

Hilti Hammer Drill Bits

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Stick Up Drill Guide to make sure that your Mini Vapor Pin® is perfectly perpendicular!

Click Here for the Stick Up Drilling Guide

Drilling Guide to make sure the depth is correct for your flush mount applications!

Click Here for the Stainless Steel Drilling Guide

Mini Vapor Pin® – can be used in any depth concrete, but IDEAL for thinner slabs.

Click Here for Anodized Aluminum Mini Vapor Pin®

Click Here for Stainless Steel Mini Vapor Pin®

Already have the installation tools?

Just need the sampling point…

Vapor Pin® Sets are for you!

Brass – ideal for grab samples and short term.

Stainless Steel for extended studies

FLX-VP for the Flexible option in case you would like to switch out the barb for other connections (ie., quick connects, swagelok or TO-17)!

Click Here and pick based off of your needs!

Needing another method for Initial Screening or Site Investigation give VSOL a look!

Reach out to Kelly Horiuchi to learn more or ask specifics

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Seamlessly switch between active and passive sampling with the Vapor Pin® Capsule and WMS-VP™!

For questions about the WMS-VP™ reach out to Kesler Krieg

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Overview of State Approaches to Vapor Intrusion: 2023 Update

Pot of Gold

Come Join us at the 33rd Annual International Conference on Soil, Water, Energy, and Air

March 18-21, 2024

San Diego, CA

We’ll be at Booth 33!

Click here for the the floor plan!

Craig Cox will also present during Session 14 – 4:30 PM – 5:00 PM

Using the Conceptual Site Model to Visually Assess and Communicate “Source-Migration Pathway-Receptor Linkage” – Craig Cox, CPG, President/Principal Scientist, Cox-Colvin & Associates, Inc.

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