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August Newsletter

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Fundamentals of Vapor Intrusion

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The Vapor Pin® sampling device sets contain what you need to sample one-point, with the exception of the Installation/Extraction tool!. They come with: One Vapor Pin® sampling device, 1 Silicone Sleeve, 1 Protective White Cap, 1 Tygon Connector.  

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Fun Fact: 2017 is the founding year of Vapor Pin® Enterprises!

In 2010, one of Cox-Colvin’s clients expressed the desire to have us locate the source or sources of VOC contamination beneath one of their manufacturing facilities. We knew, on the basis of groundwater contamination and the facility’s history of chemical use, that the solvent tetrachloroethene (aka perchloroethene, PCE) was present in soil. And we knew of several potential sources – two former degreasers, and three above-ground storage tanks (ASTs), one of which had a known PCE spill decades earlier of approximately 50 gallons. But the PCE plume in groundwater didn’t line up with the suspected source areas. Fortunately, we had recently developed the Vapor Pin®, and this was the perfect place to test it.

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Vapor Pin® is a founding member of AVIP. The purpose of AVIP is to build a community of professionals, dedicated to advancing the industry and providing a forum for the informational exchange of knowledge and science related to Vapor Intrusion (VI); as well as establishing a central resource for technology, guidance, standards, credentialing and best practices for both those in the industry and those seeking VI related services.



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