Exactly what’s included in the Vapor Pin® Kit?

Vapor Pin® kits are available in four variations. The standard Vapor Pin® kit consists of the following items, all conveniently contained in a hard-sided carrying case: 10 Vapor Pins® (brass or stainless steel); 20 silicone sleeves, 20 Vapor Pin® caps, 10 plastic flush mount covers; 1 installation/extraction tool; 1 brush; 1 water dam for leak testing; and 1 Vapor Pin® standard operating procedure. The contractor kit contains the same equipment as the standard kit, plus 1 stainless steel drilling guide, 10 secure flush mount covers (in place of 10 plastic covers), and 1 spanner screwdriver for installing and removing the secure covers. The contractor kit offers more protection from damage or tampering than the standard kit, but either can be used for flush mount or stick-up installations. We recommend that you initially purchase a Vapor Pin® kit to ensure all required components are obtained. Afterward, individual components of the kit can be purchased as needed. Sample tubing also is available separately. Also available separately is the elastrator tool, which simplifies the process of placing the silicone sleeve onto the Vapor Pin® prior to installation.

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