What all do I need?

The first and most simple answer is to check out our Standard Operating Procedures and select the product of your choosing! For a first-time user of the Vapor Pin® Sampling Device, which of the following samples are you completing? Are you completing a grab sample or are you doing an extended sample study? If you answered, grab sample, we would suggest the Brass Vapor Pin® Sampling Device. If you answered, an extended study, we would suggest the Stainless Steel Vapor Pin® Sampling Device. Note: The Brass Vapor Pin® Sampling Device may also be used for extended time periods.  If you do, be aware that brass is more susceptible to corrosion. Also, Stainless Steel FLX Vapor Pin® is another product available that provides a flexible way to sample! Please always refer to your regulators! To understand what you need for a point and for the most bang for your buck the Vapor Pin® Sets demonstrate what you need for a single point grab sample, assuming you already have an Installation/Extraction Tool. Note: The Vapor Pin® Sets are the most cost-efficient when sampling five or fewer points. For first-time users looking at what is included in a Vapor Pin® Contractors Kit will be most beneficial for understanding what is needed for flush mount installations.

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