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**NEW** Vapor Pin® Insert The Vapor Pin® Insert is used to facilitate the collection of soil gas samples and pressure measurements beneath engineered vapor intrusion barriers (e.g., Geo-Seal®), or vapor mitigation coatings (e.g., Retro-Coat™)

Acceptance of the Vapor Pin noted on Page 97 in the Updated PA VI Guidance Document

Land Recycling Program TGM Section IV: Vapor Intrusion Guidance “Some manufacturers offer alternative sub-slab soil gas sampling point equipment that relies on driving (hammering) a specialized barbed-metal fitting into the slab penetration.The metal fitting is sealed inside the slab penetration by the compression of a sleeve of flexible tubing between the fitting’s barbs and the sidewalls of the penetration. These “hammer-in”points may be considered for use during VI investigations.” – Page 97

VI Fundamentals – PCE, TCE, DCE, and Vinyl Chloride

Vapor Pin® Insert

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