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Craig Cox leaves the following message for all users/customers/distributors:

Good morning, afternoon, evening everyone!

For those of you who do and do not know me, I am Craig Cox, President of Vapor Pin® Enterprises.

To make sure that all the Vapor Pin® users are aware, the price for the material and equipment needed for vapor intrusion has increased. That statement may be scary reading, but I would like to let you know that here at Vapor Pin®, even though a couple of items will be increasing in price, there will be other products that are decreasing! The price change will occur at the start of the New Year, Jan. 1st, 2023.

We have decided to discontinue offering our brass extensions. As a result, we are lowering the price of brass extensions to reduce our inventory. We will, however, continue to carry the Brass filters.  Please note that all of the stainless steel extensions also work with all of of the Vapor Pin® sampling devices.  So extensions will always be a potential solution.

Because we understand your desire to purchase vapor sampling supplies as easily as possible, we will be adding several items to our list of products in the coming year, such as Teflon® tubing, a variety of fittings, and a selection of drill bits just to name a few.

If you would like to provide your own input on potential items that you would like to be sold at Vapor Pin® Enterprises Inc., please feel free to send a message to Kyle Chilcote.

Please know, that we are doing our best here at Vapor Pin® to listen to the needs and wants of our customers!



Craig Cox

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