Live Demo of the Vapor Pin®

Join Laurie and Craig as they give a live demo of the Vapor Pin® Sampling Device.


Hi, thanks for joining us for a successful air and vapor data collection best practices.  Laurie Chilcote and Craig Cox will be performing a live demo of the Vapor Pin® Sampling Device.  Vapor Pin® Enterprises Inc. would like to share the most important things you should think about before you even go out into the field.  The live demo will include the following;

  • Installation
  • Shut-in leak test
  • Helium leak test
  • Specific active soil gas sampling

Special Note:

There are generally two types of helium.  The two types of helium that are available for use are lab grade helium and so-called balloon helium.  Lab-grade helium is extremely pure, ensuring, that should a leak occur, the sample will not be compromised.  But how pure is extremely pure?  Fibertec has informed us, that for helium to get certified for ultra-high purity, that the helium in the tank must be at purity levels at or above 99.999%.  However, it can be expensive and difficult to obtain.  Balloon quality helium is often found at stores for consumer use and may contain other volatile organic compounds.  If a leak occurs, these VOCs (volatile organic compounds) can contaminate the sample or affect reporting limits.  While it is easier to obtain, it can jeopardize sample integrity.  There is also more than one way to perform a helium shroud.

Quantitative helium leak testing of the sample point.

This leak testing method allows for leaks to be corrected prior to sample collection. This ensures sample quality and helping avoid costly resampling.

Quantitative helium leak testing of the entire sample train.

This method ensures very high data quality by fully enclosing the sample point and sample train due to this method’s complexity however it can be difficult to collect multiple samples and may increase costs.

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